IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a printer to order photography. There are at least three pages that need to be printed to complete each order. They are:

• Shipping Information (this page, only needs to be printed once per shipment)
Photo Information (one page per photo needed)
• Payment Information (last page)

Just make sure you follow each step as instructed and ordering will be very easy!

TP&A highly respects your privacy! This information is not stored or shared with anyone.
It will only be used one time: to ship your order to you!

Company Name: 
Shipping Address:
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   eMail Address:
Total number of photos I will be ordering today: *                  *Required fields
I would like to receive all the photos I am ordering today (check one):
from the TPA server (Free)
on CD-Rom via UPS Ground (Additional $20.00)

NOTE: You will need to include these printed pages with your shipment. This is part of your order form.